Get The FutureStars Hockey App so accurate stats are always on hand.

The FutureStars app merges the hockey community with the digital community, creating a crowd-sourced platform that tracks player performance, statistics, and awards. Drawing on the reviews of fans, family, coaches, and more, your game stats are uploaded, evaluated, and recorded—available at any time for a scout to see.

Make tracking player statistics simple by harnessing the power of the crowd. Set up a profile and start tracking stats in minutes. Your accomplishments, performance, and awards will be available for everyone to see, and can be found by scouts no matter where you play.

FutureStars Hockey—Your stats. Your team. Your future. Sourced directly from the crowd.

Benefits of FutureStars

  • Accurate player stats for scouts
  • Player profile and awards
  • Live updates from the crowd
  • Vote for the game star awards
  • Set up tournament schedules and post scores

For Players

Create a profile in minutes and tap into the power of the crowd for accurate stats and updates. Track your progress and see your strengths and weaknesses to help you focus on developing your skills and increase your chances of becoming a future star.

For Scouts

Make educated decisions based on accumulated stats from every game, not just the ones you attend! Take advantage of the hundreds of eyes at every game with crowdsourced data that sees more than any one person ever could.

FutureStars App for iPhone

Designed for players, scouts, family, fans, and coaches, the FutureStars app for iPhone makes tracking accurate hockey stats easier than ever before. Set up a profile and make your time at the rink impact the future of these up and coming stars! Complete private player evaluations, upload game stats, track progress, and vote for game stars, unsung heroes, and hard hats—all from your phone.