"It's a whole new game!"

What is FutureStars Hockey?

FutureStars Hockey is an exciting app for enhancing our game for fans, parents, players, coaches, scouts and agents.

FutureStars keeps parents and fans in the game with live updates and real time announcements by professional hockey broadcaster Rick Ball, including goals, assists, penalties, shot counts and player names. It even announces starting goalies and goalie changes. 

Each player will automatically be building a hockey resume showing every season, spring league, and tournament played in, consolidated together with their stats, awards and evaluations.

Scouts and Agents can be alerted of players’ significant weekend accomplishments, helping to put more potential draft picks on their radar. FutureStars is for all ages and all levels of play. 

It’s a whole new game!

Key FutureStars

Live updates from the crowd

It's frustrating not being able to attend every game. With FutureStars, real-time updates are captured by the scorekeeper or parent in the stands. These 5-second updates are automatically converted into an audio broadcast that keeps all the fans not inside the rink, informed as to what's happening. Goals, assists, penalties, time left, shot counts, and even goalie changes keep everyone in the know.

Player profiles and awards

FutureStars captures hockey stats for every league, season and tournament, all automatically through real-time scorekeeper updates. Your hockey resume will also include game star votes, awards, and crowdsourced skill evaluations. Even the broadcaster calls of your goals and assists can be saved and replayed years after your game!

Vote for game star awards

Every fan and player has the opportunity to recognize who they believe are today's game stars. Voting can begin early in the 3rd period and can be changed as often as you like, right up until the end of the game! Votes are tabulated from all participants with the recipients announced shortly after the players have left the rink. The "ear to ear" smiles on the winners are priceless.

Easily set up tournaments

Tournaments will never be the same after the introduction of FutureStars. Game updates can be heard by every team, not just the ones currently playing. You can easily track the scoring leader boards and standings, updated real-time after every goal. Tie breakers are clearly shown to help you determine what the impact of scoring or conceding a goal may be. See how the current result may affect your team's position in the upcoming playoff round.

For players

FutureStars Hockey has something for every player. It can keep track of every game you have ever played, your scoring plays, your awards and your stats. It combines every one of your winter and spring seasons, as well as, the tournaments you participated in. You can even replay
your 'goal calls' by professional Rick Ball, long after the game has ended. FutureStars can also increase your visibility to scouts and possibly have them come out to personally see you play!

for families & fans

Never miss a game with the FutureStars Hockey app! Easily follow your favourite players and teams, view team rosters and get live updates and accurate statistics straight from the crowd. If you can't be there or have games at multiple locations at the same time, FutureStars will keep you informed. You could even take part in the excitement and update game scores, be a shot tracker, pick the game stars, or evaluate players from the stands! It's very easy and fun.


Set up tournaments by age group, skill level and geographical location. Create unique pools and tie breaker rules. Add your teams, schedules and rosters and you're ready to go. Leader boards and Tournament Standings are updated AUTOMATICALLY as each goal is scored, not when your busy tournament staff have a moment to take out their 'sharpie' and update the paper board. Have results shown on TV monitors in the lobby, or on participants' phones. All this plus the benefits of real-time game announcements for the fans in the rink, off having lunch, or back home unable to travel to your event.

for scouts & agents

Scouts at the Junior level have an daunting task of identifying and ranking the most talented upcoming players in the game. Every scout would agree that the top 100 prospects are identified by almost every team. But what about those hidden diamonds in the rough? The players unable to play at the highest level for financial reasons. The locations too remote to have every scout come watch them play. FutureStars can provide the eyes and ears to watch twice the number of prospects, alerting the regional scouts and general managers of what their organization considers exceptional performances by players on their watchlist. FutureStars can help find those "draft day gems". FutureStars even has a "Games Near Me" feature that can show you which teams are playing at the rink that you stopped by for coffee. Match up the player's number and if you like what you see, press the FOLLOW button.

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